Preserved bloemen!

Meet the rose that never wilts!

The high-quality RoseAmor preserved rose has its origins in the highlands of Ecuador.
These areas offer the optimum conditions for high-quality rose cultivation.
Thanks to our specific treatment, the preserved RoseAmor roses, also known as forever
roses or eternity roses, will proverbially never wilt
With its charm and lasting beauty, the RoseAmor rose is highly suitable for a wide range of arrangements that your customer will enjoy for a long time.
The extensive selection of colours and sizes means that these forever roses can add a
splash of colour to a variety of floral arrangements. From a small, refined piece to
decorate a tabletop to vast, bombastic arrangements; with this eternity rose, the
possibilities are truly endless!
Looking for a preserved roses wholesale? We provide high quality forever roses to
wholesalers, event planners, retailers and florists.
Be inspired and discover the possibilities.
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