• Purchase by order
    You can submit your orders on a daily basis by telephone, fax or email. You can, of course, also view the wide range of products in our Webshop and place your order here.
  • Partly or fully outsource your purchasing. (let us do you purchasing)
    Is your buyer going on holiday? Or would you like to make use of our experienced buyers? We’re here to help!
  • Collection from growers
    If we don’t have a product in stock, we collect it for you straight from the grower. Please request the relevant conditions from one of our salespersons.
  • Extensive range in our Webshop
    Here you can view our range, with LIVE photos, at your convenience.
  • Stay abreast of the latest innovations and special offers by email/newsletter
    On a daily basis, we distribute emails informing our customers about the latest novelties. Includes LIVE photos, available amounts and prices.
  • Allow part of our range, or our full range, to form your available stock.
    By means of the latest technology, you can put forward our stock as your own! Our range is then incorporated into your system, allowing you to sell or offer our products to your customers in your own sales environment or Webshop. This means that you can greatly expand your range without risk.
  • Answers to questions related to rose- and niche market producers, growers, agriculturalists, varieties and novelties.
    Do you have questions related to a product, grower, agriculturalist or novelty? Ask one of our experts. They will always provide you with accurate information.


  • Quick expert opinion about new variety
    Our experts would be delighted to help you on your way by providing you with their impression of your product by assessing its quality, colouring, estimated market value, potential marketing areas, similar market items and its chances of success.
  • Marketing of your products
    Effective marketing is crucial to the success of a product, and this is the area in which we excel. By implementing various marketing tools, we’re able to bring your product to the attention of the right audience.
  • Showroom presentation
    Due to current market digitalisation, it’s becoming more and more difficult to convey the feelings associated with a product to your buyers. This is exactly what we aim to do in our showroom. Throughout the week, buyers and sellers and their (foreign) clients visit our showroom in order to get an idea about the latest novelties and niche products.
  • Website presentation
    To place extra focus on your product, we can highlight it on our website. Such highlighted products will alternate every week. Visual material and background information related to the product will also be available on the NOVELTIES page.
  • Market feedback
    Because our salespeople are in daily contact with exporters, retailers, wholesalers and floral arrangers, we’re able to provide you with feedback that quickly gives you a comprehensive overview of your product’s market performance.


  • Website
    Find news about the latest developments on our website.
  • Webshop
    Our entire range and more is available in our Webshop on a 24/7 basis! If desired, we can expand our Webshop to include a number of specially selected partners, allowing us to offer an even more comprehensive range.
  • Shop within a shop
    Use our Webshop as your own Webshop, fully customised with your logo and company colours!
  • Linking of stock
    By means of the latest technology, you can use our stock as your own range! Our range is then incorporated into your system, allowing you to sell or offer our products to your customers in your own sales environment or Webshop. This means that you can greatly expand your range without risk.
  • Straight from the grower
    Order your flowers straight from the grower. They don’t get fresher than this! Growers make their expected production figures available online especially for our customers. Subsequent orders are prepared and dispatched or collected by one of our vehicles, after which they’re delivered to our customers as soon as possible.
  • Twitter
    Using Twitter messages, we inform our “followers” about the latest developments within our company.
  • Facebook
    As one of the most popular social networks currently, it goes without saying that we use it to keep our “friends” up-to-date with the latest trends!
  • E-Mail
    We use email to send our special offers - including the latest novelties with photos, availability and prices - to our customers on a daily basis.
  • Support
    Are you having difficulties logging in to the Webshop or grower’s portal? We offer customer support that is completely free of charge. We use a remote connection to access your computer, thereby taking a live look and helping you solve your problem.
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