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At PortalFlora, you will find all the presales products that you can purchase while they are still being cultivated in the Netherlands or are en route from abroad. Once you have selected a departure date, you can expect them to arrive before 2pm and as early as 12pm in Aalsmeer! When you click on our range, you can choose whether you would like to receive your flowers in water buckets or in cartons.

Long-term deals – profitable for you and your customers!
PortalFlora also allows you to arrange long-term deals, we will mediate between buyer and grower. Options to consider are year-round deals, set-period deals, promotional deals or, for example, holiday deals. All of these come with added value and can be tailored to meet the specifications of your customers. Options to consider include number of stems per bunch, separate sleeves, with flower food, with barcode label, mixed bunches, mixed in carton or bucket, with required certification, etc. Added value has often already been applied by our growers at home or abroad! Your flowers are delivered straight from the grower at a time of your choice! Please ask our experts for an offer that suits you!

165 affiliated

  • Holland
  • Belgium
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Germany
  • Ecuador
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Spain
  • Tanzania
  • Zimbabwe
  • South Africa

Holland (99)

  • A. Alblas
  • A.H. van den Haak
  • Akerboom Freesia
  • Amazone Amaryllis
  • Anco Pure Vanda
  • Arcadia
  • Arend Oudijk
  • B. den Bleker Flowers
  • Berg Lisianthus
  • Blom-Pronk
  • Bos Bloemen
  • Bredefleur
  • Brockfoff Pierrot Rozen
  • Call de Roon
  • CoasTulip
  • Cor van Ruyven
  • De Wit Nerine
  • Divine Flowers
  • Double Check Lily
  • Dutch Lilies
  • Eminent Sol Roses
  • Evanty
  • Feiko Sonneveld
  • Flower 4 All Chysanten
  • Future Flowers
  • G. Semp
  • G. Zuurbier & Zn.
  • Gebr. Ravensbergen Lilies
  • Gebr. van Ruiten
  • Gerbera United
  • Gert Groeneveld
  • Gladz Gladiolen
  • Groot & Groot
  • H.M. Tesselaar Alstoemeria
  • Hogenboom Phloxen
  • Hoogenboom Alstroemeria
  • HVS Orchids
  • Imanse Lilies
  • Jan van Boksel
  • K. Heeren Jzn
  • Koene Opstal bv
  • Kwekerij Tonie
  • Lansbergen Roses
  • Laurant Fleur
  • Lilies of Life
  • Linssen Roses
  • M & D vd Hulst Rozen
  • M. Alblas & Zn
  • Marcel Groeneveld
  • Marjoland
  • MM Duin - Bear Flowers
  • Montana Lisianthus
  • Mykali Orchids
  • N.J.S. Janson
  • Nice 2 Get!
  • Paul v.d. Hulst
  • Polderpride Tulips
  • Poot Rozen
  • Porcella Rosa
  • Porta Nova
  • PureRoses-GAM vd Berg
  • PureRoses-Velden
  • Q.P. de Ruyter
  • Rijk de Jongh Flowers
  • Rodewijk Rozen
  • Rogenti
  • Rooker Roses
  • Roseworld
  • Rutgrink Astilbe Culturen
  • Sjaak v.d. Hulst Rozen
  • Stricker Orchids
  • Stricker Rozen
  • Termeulen Roses
  • Triflor bv
  • Van Boksel
  • Van den Berg Roses
  • Van der Arend Roses
  • Van der Hulst Rozen
  • Van der Vlak Asperagus
  • Van Noort Hyacinten
  • Van Paasen Statice
  • Van Rijn Roses
  • VannoVa
  • Vd Ende Amaryllis
  • Veenman-Groenewegen
  • Villa Curcuma
  • VIP Roses
  • Vis Calla
  • Vita Nova Breezand
  • Vollering Hortensia
  • Vooren Rozen
  • Vreeken Sierteelt bv
  • W.A.J. Brouwer
  • Walter Grootscholten Orchids
  • Wilt Roses
  • Winco Cactussen
  • Zandvoort Flowers
  • Zentoo
  • Zijdezicht

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