Our team



Gert de Mooij
M: 0651819440
E: gert@hovenendemooij.nl

Theo de Mooij
M: 0610889318
E: theo@hovenendemooij.nl


For product information and questions, please contact:

Nico Zwaan
T: 0297800910
M: 0610017603
E: nico@hovenendemooij.nl

Large-flowered roses & Rainbowed Roses.

Leendert Ouwersloot
T: 0297800907
M: 0612724009
E: leendert@hovenendemooij.nl

Large-flowered roses & Novelty roses import.

Jan Vermeer
T: 0297800908
M: 0651819458
E: jan@hovenendemooij.nl

Small-flowered roses, Spray roses, Freiland roses.

Eddy van den Eykel
T: 0297800904
M: 0610154380
E: eddy@hovenendemooij.nl

Aconitum, Carnations, Aster, Astilbe, Berry shrubs, Golden bells, Bouquet accessories, Bouvardia, Campanula, Celosia, Euphorbia, Exclusive, Forsythia, Lathyrus, Snapdragons, Liatris, Nerine, Phlox, Ranunculus, Anemones, Spring shrubs, Summer flowers.

Jaap Monster
T: 0297800905
M: 0651819448
E: jaap@hovenendemooij.nl

Amaranthus, Gypsophila, Tulips, Statice, Hypericum, Solidago, Amaryllis, Allium, Bupleurum, Carthamus, Eremurus, Helianthus, Narsissi, Hyacinths, Violets, Hortensia, Peony, Decorative material.

Maarten van Duijn
T: 0297800903
M: 0651819445
E: maarten@hovenendemooij.nl

Chrysanthemums, Gerbera, Cymbidium, Anthurium, Gladioli, Lucky Bamboo, Orchids, Santini, Strelitzia, Alstroemerial, Waxflower, Decorative greenery, Sweet William.

Patrick van der Meij
T: 0297800912
M: 0623228263
E: patrick@hovenendemooij.nl

Summer flowers.


For transport information and –questions, please contact:

Ed Nelissen
M: 0622581569
E: ed@hovenendemooij.nl

Floormanager (internal)

Peter Mallee
M: 0620303836

Aalsmeer transport (internal)

Eric Zoutewelle
M: 0653335071

Naaldwijk (lorry)

Willem van Rossum
M: 0610946828

Naaldwijk (van)

Jaap vd Zwart
M: 0653781503

Rijnsburg (lorry)


Coby Noort
T: 0297800911


For product information and questions about PortalFlora, please contact:


Peter Vrouwe
M: 0031 620412957
E: peter@portalflora.nl

Andre van den Hoek
M: 0031 620413028
E: andre@portalflora.nl

Sebastiaan Wischmeijer
M: 0031 651385870

PortalFlora input control


Stephan de Vries
T: 0297800920
M: 0636539789
E: stephan@hovenendemooij.nl

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